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"Come as you are Leave in Peace"

“OM” Time Yoga is a boutique style studio with a welcoming vibe to anyone who desires an authentic YOGA practice. Due to limited space, please phone or text 0438953323 to book or make inquiries about our classes.


Melanie McDaniel; Yoga Teacher and Owner of "OM" Time Yoga Studio Dunsborough, West Australia; completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India at Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2011. After 27 years of practicing Yoga, this brought an adult-lifelong dream, to fruition. Previous years of working and training in the Fitness Industry since the age of 17, has given Mel a deep foundation of knowledge in physiology and anatomy, a real compliment to teaching Yoga. This along with enduring 3 whiplashes and a skiing injury in her mid 20’s which required knee surgery and a shoulder impingement and spondylitis in her spine in later years all broadened her awareness to another level of self-discovery and to being able to help all of those that come to her Yoga classes. Being diagnosed with PND 18 years ago after her second child was born and suffering ongoing bouts of depression over the years, has also helped Mel understand and empathize with others and see and feel firsthand how Yoga has a direct correlation to self-healing and returning to wholeness. Mel has the greatest appreciation for Teaching Yoga and practicing Yoga knowing that it brings us from “just surviving life, to thriving in life”.

Her ongoing thirst for Spirituality since the age of 19 and staying in Ashrams from the age of 26, has led her to a thorough understanding of Yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting, chakras and kriyas. Melanie brings all of this and more, to her students in each class, through her love of yoga. She believes that we all need Yoga in our lives; not just for flexibility and all the health benefits that it brings to us, but also to keep us accountable to be the best human beings that we can be; to use Yoga on and off the mat as a tool for self-enquiry in all that we do!

Although trained in Traditional Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga originally, Mel has gone on to do further teacher trainings with Jo Phee, and studied with Donna Farhi and Simon Borg Oliver, all of which has greatly influenced her teaching style, currently she teaches Hatha Vinyasa flow, Yang Rejuvenate and Yin yoga classes at “OM” Time Yoga Studio. Her all-inclusive teaching style and ability to cater for anyone from beginner level to more advanced practitioner allows anyone to join her classes and Retreats.

THE STUDIO “Come as you are, leave in Peace “ is the offering here. Meaning if you have a busy mind or stiff, tight body, come to “OM” Time Studio and do a Yoga class, you’ll feel a whole lot more peaceful & relaxed when you leave. Each day that we practice yoga, we feel different; depending on where our energy and mind is at; so we need to learn to listen to that and bring both into balance.


Balancing our minds and bodies is a very challenging act to follow. At “OM” Time you have the opportunity to do both. Our classes are a generous 80-90 minutes long and give you the time to calm your mind and energise your body, in turn you’ll have more clarity of mind and your body will benefit on so many levels; strength flexibility, agility and balance to name a few.


Yoga is far more than just a physical practice. It’s as much about nourishing our mental and emotional health and spiritual side too, which is very important especially in this day and age. So as we practice the Yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques, we awaken our awareness and have the opportunity to know ourselves at a deeper level. The benefits of Yoga will show up immediately as we notice our ‘wholeselves’ and what we are needing to balance, from the inside-out.


“I teach yoga in a way that you will gain results by listening and respecting where your energy is at and what you need from your practice whether it be something with strength and activity or something more passive and rejuvenating; a lot of this is done through breath awareness; which can help to lower anxiety and stress in our lives. In this way our practice becomes our lifestyle" says Mel.


Everyone is welcome here. You may have practiced Yoga for a long time, or this might be your very first class. All of the Yoga teachers here design thier classes so that BEGINNERS are well looked after and coached through poses with attention to alignment, to keep you safe while you learn the fundamentals. Ongoing students will be challenged with different and deeper variations to poses. Regardless of your health status, age or general fitness, you will be able to join in these classes and feel taken care of and nurtured. The classes are small, up to 12 people in a class, so as teachers we can connect to each of you. For this reason it is necessary to book your space, call or text 0438953323.



Last Friday I attended Mel's yin yoga class. All I can say is it was absolute bliss! The way sound, meditation, essential oils and props were all weaved together  creating a healing space for my mind and body. Thankyou. Today I attended Mel's Vinyasa class, I enjoyed every moment and learnt so much. After the class I felt uplifted and energised. Now I have found my balance and plan to attend both classes once a week.Thankyou Mel

Emily Percival, Dunsborough

I went to Mel’s class while I was holidaying in Dunsborough. I have to say it was the best yoga class I’ve been to. Mel has such a calming presence and she really cares for everyone in her class. She has eye pillows, blankets, bolsters, mats and straps, so I could just turn up with nothing and have everything I needed. She takes the time to ensure that everyone is completing the stretches correctly by gently helping you to maneuver your body the right way that works for you. I can’t speak highly enough of her class. If I could bundle her up and bring her back to Perth I would. Thank you Mel for helping me physically and spiritually. It was a wonderful experience and I felt rejuvenated and relaxed after your session. I will definitely be returning to you in the future. Now, I have to start looking in to your retreats in Bali😍 xxx

Vanessa Nederpelt, Perth

Yoga Classes

Casual Class $18; 5 Class Block $85; 10 Class Block $160; 10 Class Block $150 *use within 4 weeks

“A posture is advanced if it improves your health ”


HATHA VINYASA: Hatha Yoga is like the Umbrella of all Yoga. In Sanskrit, Yoga means Union and “Ha” means Sun and “Tha” means moon. “Hatha”, the combination of the two words, represents the integration of opposites: sun and moon, masculine and feminine, extroversion and introversion, yang and yin through the movement of the body. Translated from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, Vinyasa means Sequence. Vinyasa Yoga enhances physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through yogic techniques combining pranayama (breath extension and retention), bandha (physical and energetic locks), mudra (symbolic gestures) and asana (posture). Vinyasa yoga connects movement and breath in a flowing way to attain balance in the mind and body. Inhalation is usually connected to upward, open movements, while exhalation tied to downward movements or twists. On a physical level establishing a regular Vinyasa Yoga practice will create Strength, Flexibility and Harmony, just to name a few of the benefits, throughout your whole being. In order to achieve correct alignment and benefit fully from each posture, students may receive adjustments (if needed), creating muscle memory and helping to prevent injury. Modifications and the use of props will also be offered, and encouraged, to accommodate all levels.This practice will leave you feeling Relaxed and Energized in your mind and body.


YIN YOGA invites you to slow down and meet with stillness. It is a mindful, conscious practice of surrender. Relaxing our muscles allows us to work into deeper layers of the body; the fascia, ligaments & tendons. This nourishes the flow of fluid, assisting our Chi to move through the meridians; which optimises our organ and tissue health. By practicing patience, transcending our breath and marinating in the posture, time and gravity unravel the tangled web of energetic blockages, manifested in the form of physical tension, this delivers freedom of movement. Yin supports mental and emotional balance, guiding us home to re-connect with our “Whole Being” in its entirety, on all levels

YANG REJUVENATE is derived from the Ashtanga sequence, similar to a Guided Ashtanga class, with modifications offered along the way and with the option to use props too. It is a Vinyasa style of class where our breathing connects us to movement.


YANG to YIN starts with flowing movements as described in the Vinyasa classes and finishes the class with long holds in seated postures.


SVASANA we like a long Svasana at the end of all our classes from the Sanskrit shava, meaning “corpse,” and asana, meaning “pose” or “posture.” The common English name for savasana is corpse pose. Its where the fruition of your practice comes together, for some it’s the pose they look forward to the most and for others it can be a challenge to just lye on your back arms away from your body and legs relaxed apart. Although savasana is typically practiced at the end of a yoga sequence, it can be used to calm the body at the beginning of practice.

Some benefits of savasana include: +  Increased energy and productivity  +  Decrease in anxiety and panic attacks  +  Improved memory, focus and concentration  +  Increased confidence


Some of the physical and emotional benefits that can be experienced when we do Yoga:

Improved blood circulation +  Reduced stress  + Relieves anxiety   +Treats a range of physical ailments  + Speeds up sluggish digestion    + Strengthens our muscles   Reduces back pain   + Improves posture  


Each of our yoga classes offer a mixture of beginner, intermediate and possibly advanced yoga poses, making them suitable for people of all ages to benefit from. Regardless of your past experience, or your current fitness, our Yoga teachers can help you to improve your health & wellbeing. Just give us a call on the number below to find out more.


doTERRA oils; we diffuse the oils during the class and offer them at the beginning of the class to help calm our bodies and minds.


Private 'One on one' Yoga or Private Group sessions are also available.

To book a space or ask any questions please call or text 0438953323

Retreats and Events


Freedom from Samskara’s Yoga Retreat

Escape next Winter with our Ubud Yoga Retreat 11th - 16th August 2019 5 Days

6 days and 5 Nights’ accommodation at Sama’s Cottages and Villa’s

Breakfast each morning served on your veranda

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga every morning in the Shala

Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, every evening

Group cooking class at Casaluna Cooking School

Welcome Dinner, Massage, Sound Healing

All-inclusive in the following prices:

Superior Fan Cooled Room:

$685 Double Occupancy or $855 Single Occupancy

Standard A/C Room: $720 Double or $910 Single

Superior A/C Room: $745 Double or $940 Single

Deluxe A/C Room: $770 Double or $1030 Single

Ayu Executive Villa: $880 Double or $1240 Single

1 Bedroom Villa: $950 Double or $1425 Single

Only 10 Rooms available, avoid disappointment call 97553771 or 0438953323

Pay $100 deposit by January 31st 2019 to receive $50 per person discount.


I recently attended Mel's Freedom from Samskaras 5 day yoga retreat in Ubud, Bali. What a beautiful, giving, affirming, rejuvenating experience this was! The benefits have lasted long beyond the actual retreat, relaxing not just my body but more importantly my mind. For the first time in many years I was able to focus entirely on myself & to absorb Mel's teachings more intensively than is possible in just a once-weekly class. The setting was beautiful, & all the extras organized by Mel - massage, cooking class, group dinner - just added to the overall experience. Such a beautiful community of women attending the retreat as well. This may have been my first retreat with Mel, but it won't be my last! Thankyou Mel

Lucy Smailes, Busselton


Relax, Rejuvenate and Escape next Winter 19th - 24th August 2019

Freedom from Samskara’s Yoga Retreat in BALIAN

6 Days 5 Nights’ accommodation at Pondok Pitaya Hotel and Surfing

Welcome Dinner and Drinks, Breakfast daily

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga every morning in the Shala

Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama every evening

Sound Healing and massage

All-inclusive in the following prices:

Single Occupancy: $975

Double Occupancy : $725

Surfers rate: *$75 if partner just coming to share the room, not do Yoga *Welcome dinner, Breakfast and Massage included

Pay $100 deposit by January 31st 2019 to receive $50 per person discount.


Thank you Mel for a wonderful Balian yoga retreat. It was my first yoga retreat and I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I loved every minute. The schedule was perfect, allowing time for other activities during the day/evenings. Beach front location and resort was a great spot, with that awesome little Japanese restaurant next door. My down dogs are the best they've ever been, achieving heels down towards the end! Thanks again Mel. Highly recommend.

Belinda Hopkins, Busselton

Mar 19, 2019

Sally and Rolo negotiating who will teach the class. Join Sally this morning at 9.10am Hatha Vinyasa. Call or text 0438953323 to book a space. for more information


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Mar 17, 2019

We have a bit of this in our classes this week.🧘‍♀️ The Reverse Namaste arm position always an option to increase flexibility in our upper bodies and Padottanasana - the wide leg forward fold always a winner, inviting strength and flexibility in our lower bodies along with helping digestion, it also brings some nice space in around the back of the sacrum and front of pelvis giving space for our reproductive organs, particularly helpful for women that suffer from menstrual pain. ♥️
Also great to relieve our minds, I like to imagine a plug at the crown of our heads, in all forward folds, and we imagine pulling the plug and letting all the old stuff drain away.😘😘😘😘 for classes and Retreat information.


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Mar 16, 2019

A little taste of our Ubud Yoga Retreat.🧘‍♀️ 6 days 5 nights of Yoga twice daily, Meditation, Sound healing, Cooking class, Accommodation, Breakfast daily on your verandah, Massage, Welcome dinner and drinks. $685 double occupancy or $855 single occupancy. Cheap return flights to Bali on offer. ✈
More info or DM me🙏🏽

Mar 12, 2019

"YOGA FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT CLASSES" starting Tuesday 2nd April. 🤗
Call Toni for more information about the classes, timetable and subsidised fees.⭐


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Mar 12, 2019 this is my new page, check it out if you are interested in a winter getaway.......

Mar 10, 2019

Very nice reminder, that we are our own doctors and by taking care of ourselves we can avoid having to go to the Drs as often. See you on the mat this week for a bit of these and more.

Mar 10, 2019

Kundalini South West

Mar 8, 2019

🧘‍♀️Our Yin class this morning was very focused on "living from our place of truth" as we honored ourselves as Women.
🙏🏽 In all of our classes this week Sathya - Truth has been our 8 Limb focus and we've had the support of Frankincense - the oil of Truth - to carry us to this place within. We used the Mantra - Sat Nam - I am truth, we've done the work on this quest towards our Truth, asking ourselves;
"What is my Truth?" "What is my highest allegiance?"
"Have I sold myself to my highest allegiance at the expense of Sathya and Ahimsa?"
🤗 I love diving into these juicy questions, this is our Yoga on and off the mat, making these enquiries; coming to know ourselves on this deeper level; coming to know ourselves as the "Woman" that we really are, not just identifying with ourselves as the mother, daughter, wife, boss, partner, using these identities to think this is who we are. 😘🤗Take some time today to honor your Truth of who you really are, delve in, disassemble anything that's not your Truth and exhale a big breath to free yourself from those confines and breathe into who you really are, let your life be your message. ♥️♥️♥️


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Mar 7, 2019

🐕 Rolo is a beautiful example of the benefits of Yoga. 🧘‍♀️ We rehomed him about 6 months ago and he was loud barking every time someone came into the studio, he was timid, kept his distance, he was so uneasy around people. After attending regular classes he has become calm, passive, peaceful, friendly often snuggling up to someone in Svasana. 🙏🏽
🤗 All we need to do is show up and it's enough; our energy shifts when we pay attention to ourselves, when we notice what we are needing from our practice, when we love ourselves enough to just BE with ourselves; the benefits speak for themselves, without even having to try hard. Well done to all those of you who are prepared to just show up, we love ♥️ having you here @omtimeyogadunsborough for more information


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Mar 6, 2019

🧘‍♀️Yoga twice daily,
🎶Sound healing,
🥘Welcome Dinner
🌌5 nights accommodation
🍍Breakfast daily
🍜Cooking class

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775 Caves Rd, Busselton, WA, Australia, 6280



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Hours Monday - Thursday:

9:15 am - 10:45 am, 5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

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Yoga Timetable

“Come as you are Leave in Peace”

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5:45 pm YIN VINYASA   YIN    

Casual Class $18, 5 class pass $85 use in 8 weeks, 10 class pass $160 use in 6weeks
“OM” Time Yoga is a boutique style studio with a welcoming vibe to anyone that desires an authentic YOGA practice. The teachers are very attentive and available to give options and modifications to anyone that comes along, whether you are a Beginner or more Advanced.

SOUND HEALING MEDITATION on Wednesday at 7.30pm Call Jo 0419860995



I have been participating in Mel’s Yoga classes for 5 years and always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. Mel has a way of being able to help you accomplish what it is you want and need, both physically and mentally with her classes. Mel has assisted me in my yoga practices while I was pregnant twice and with her knowledge and experience knows exactly what is right for you. Mel’s calming voice and wise words help set my week with the right frame of mind and I just love getting there at the start of the week. I went to my 1st Yin class in the evening this week and with candles, beautiful sounds of bells and bowls Mel just knows how to relax your body and mind, calming everyone in the room from the busy week. I’m really keen to go to Mel’s retreat in Bali next year and would love to experience this body and mind journey for a full 5 days. Thank you Mel for giving all that you do 🦋🌈❤️

Corrie Cockayne, Dunsborough